Car owners usually do not pay much attention to the oil that is in the engine. However, it should be remembered that automotive oil is a very important lubricating element that plays a huge role in the proper operation of the engine.

There are three types of oils on the market: synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. The mineral version is most often used due to, for example, lower costs. However, it is worth considering investing in synthetic oil, which is a high-performance product.

Synthetic car oil

Synthetic car oil is formulated with a synthetic base oil. Thanks to complex chemical processes, an oil is finally produced, which is primarily characterized by a very high degree of purity. This allows the engine to be kept in good condition, without leaving a deposit in it, which often precipitates from mineral oils at high temperatures.

Drivers are concerned about the use of synthetics, especially in new cars. It is believed that these types of oils are used only in cars with low mileage. This is a misconception as the age of the car does not matter when choosing the right oil. There are more myths about the use of synthetic oils, so it is worth checking all information with a mechanic who will advise us on the best solution.

In our opinion, we recommend the use of synthetic oils each time, no matter if the car has high or low mileage. If there is mineral oil in it, it is enough to rinse the engine well and we can refill the synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil – advantages and disadvantages

Synthetic oil is characterized by much better lubricating parameters than its semi-synthetic, or even more mineral, counterpart. Drivers who find it difficult to start their car in winter, using synthetic substances, will be surprised because the spread of the oil over the engine components is much faster and more efficient. It is also worth adding that it is a product that does not leave any deposits in the engine. This is extremely important for the service life of the bike.

Like any item, synthetic oil also has its drawbacks. The basic one is the price. This product is much more expensive than other solutions.

It is worth considering the issue of buying synthetics, because in some cases, mechanics use an extended oil change time if we use a synthetic product.

The selection of the right oil for the car is a matter that should be agreed with the workshop where we service the car. Universal solutions will not always be ideal for a specific type of vehicle. However, it is worth checking the advantages of synthetic oils, because we gain a product resistant to temperature changes, as well as ensuring better engine lubrication, which translates directly into its efficiency and life.