Changing the washer fluid is as important as changing the tires. Summer windshield washer fluid is easy to freeze because it has a lower alcohol content responsible for its liquid consistency at negative ambient temperatures. Therefore, we should take care to replace the fluid before the first frost arrives.

The windshield washer fluid is available both in a diluted form, ready to be poured into the tank, and in the form of a concentrate that must be diluted in the right proportion. It is worth choosing ready-made solutions that will enable their use practically when the liquid bottle is opened.

Winter washer fluid

Winter washer fluid is primarily characterized by properties that prevent it from freezing at low temperatures. It is always worth checking the packaging to which maximum temperatures a specific product can be used. The most common level is -22 degrees. These are the parameters that guarantee trouble-free use of the fluid in our climatic conditions.

The moment when we start using winter fluid is also important. We should do this before the first negative temperatures occur. If summer fluid remains in the system, we may encounter a problem with starting the washer. Only if the nozzles and the entire system are properly heated, e.g. by putting the car in the garage, the spraying system will be unlocked.

Summer windshield washer fluid

Summer windshield washer fluids are designed for temperatures usually above 0 degrees. They then ensure effective cleaning of car windows. What to do when summer windshield washer fluid is left in the tank and frosty days are approaching? In such a situation, it is worth to pump out the summer liquid to the end and change it to the winter version.

The quality of the fluid is also important. It is worth choosing solutions that contain the right amount of alcohol. This ensures that dirt is removed from the glass, not smudged, which is crucial for road safety. It is also important to flavor the fluids. Winter versions are definitely more intense, so it is better to choose a liquid that is made of high-quality technical raw materials that do not have an unpleasant smell.

The right washer fluid is a very important element of safe winter travel. In summer, the type of liquid we have in the container does not matter much. In winter, however, it becomes important because summer fluids will freeze at minus temperatures.