Washer fluid is the basic equipment of every car, especially in winter. In heavy snowfall, frost, as well as mud that appears with thaws, an effective winter washer fluid is necessary, which will deal with stubborn dirt.

When winter ends unexpectedly and temperatures outside the window reach several degrees, we often wonder whether the winter fluid left in the tank can also be used in summer? Below we will answer whether the use of a liquid intended for subzero temperatures has a negative effect on the functioning of our car.

Winter washer fluid

Winter washer fluid has a much higher content of alcohol and surface active substances than its summer counterpart. This allows for effective removal of any dirt and cleaning of frozen windows. The composition is also of great importance in the functioning of the car. This fluid does not freeze, thanks to which, at temperatures as low as -22 degrees, it maintains its liquid consistency.

Summer washer fluid, in turn, is a product that is primarily intended to facilitate the removal of any dirt from the windows. It is not suitable for use in low temperatures because its freezing point is relatively small.

What washer fluid in summer?

The question of what washer fluid to use in summer arises frequently, especially among drivers who have a large supply of winter fluid. They then consider buying summer products or using those left over from the winter period. Without prejudice to the functioning of our vehicle, you can use winter fluid also in the summer months.

It is worth knowing that despite the higher price, winter washer fluid is much more effective. Especially when it comes to removing heavy dirt. Winter fluid will always hold the windows better than summer fluid due to the increased alcohol content. What to do if there is some winter fluid left in the tank and you want to top up the summer version? Mixed windscreen washer fluid in summer is not a problem. You can combine two different liquids, as long as there is no clear information on the package prohibiting this type of treatment.

Washer fluid is an ally of every driver when dirt from the road settles on the windows. Adequate visibility is essential for safe driving, thanks to the use of fluid and wipers. In the summer season, you can of course use products dedicated to this time of the year, but even due to the effectiveness of winter fluids, there are no contraindications to use your winter fluid reserves.