Polish producer of demineralized water

Demineralized water from the manufacturer Doris is universally used in the automotive, industrial, cosmetic and medical industries. Demineralized water from Doris is created as a result of repeated demineralization of the liquid removing foreign ions, as well as exchanging them for hydrogen and hydroxide ions using a deionizer. Deionized water at Doris is free of mineral salts and contaminants, so it can be safely used in production processes.

Our deionized water is produced in modern stations used by companies such as PepsiCo and nuclear power plants. At Doris we pay the greatest attention to the quality of demineralized water.


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Why choose demineralized water DORIS?

  • Demineralized waterfrom Dorisguarantees effective and complete dissolution of selected ingredients without unnecessary sediment.
  • Products made from our deionized water do not have any weakened taste, nutritional or aroma properties.
  • Detergents dissolved in Doris water have an enhanced effect and cope better with even the heaviest dirt.

The production of demineralized water enables us to compose high-quality disinfection liquids and other preparations with effective properties.

Our deionized water is used in:

  • the role of a diluent for concentrates, e.g. coolant, electrolytes,
  • daily activities, such as ironing or making coffee – our customers think that coffee based on demineralized water is exceptionally delicious,</span >
  • food industry, during the production of beverages, food concentrates,
  • textile industry,
  • production of cosmetics and medicines,
  • many others.

High-quality demineralized water from DORIS

Demineralized water from Doris excellent works well where a liquid free from minerals, ions and impurities is required. If you are thinking about purchasing our deionized water, please contact us. By choosing demineralized water Doris you have a guarantee of low prices and high comfort of cooperation!

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