Manufacturer of red coolant DORIS -35°C G12

High quality coolant guarantees maintaining the correct temperature of the cooling system while the engine is running. Customers are concerned about the coolant freezing in winter, and this is absolutely right, but let’s not forget that an even more important function of the coolant is its resistance to high temperatures. As a professional manufacturer of coolants, we meet the needs of our customers by offering them products that meet all coolant standards.

Red coolant G12 from DORIS is:

  • quick removal of excess heat in refrigeration systems,
  • uniform heat transport,
  • dissipation of heat generated during fuel combustion,
  • protection of systems against freezing,
  • protection of systems against overheating,
  • protection against corrosion of cooling system elements, engine blocks and their components,
  • preventing deposits in refrigeration systems.
  • Coolant fluid has added inhibitors that protect the cooling system against corrosion.
  • The main advantage is the solution based on demineralized water produced directly in our plant.
  • Thanks to demineralized water, the radiator fluid is free from sediments and any impurities.
  • The coolant does not lose its properties under the influence of extreme temperatures, and also prevents the phenomenon of cavitation, i.e. the formation of air bubbles.
  • Coolant allows for effective protection of cooling systems, engines and their components, as well as entire heating systems.
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