Winter windscreen washer fluids -35°C for specialist trade – purchase and resale only on invoice for companies

For the production of methanol-based winter windscreen washer fluid, we use technical, synthetic methanol 99.9% – imported straight from the manufacturer.

The alcohol we use is synthetic, i.e. of the highest quality in its class, so it does not have an irritating smell and has better resistance to low temperatures! Of course, methanol is poisonous after consumption, so the product can only be sold on invoice.

Concentrated winter windscreen washer fluid with methanol -35°C:

  • has a wonderful smell,
  • does not freeze up to -35°C,
  • ready to use,
  • removes dirt and road sediment,
  • does not cause reflections or glare,
  • used as a replacement for coolant,
  • safe for rubber and painted surfaces.
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