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We specialize in the innovative production of excellent products on the Polish and European market, such as: surface disinfectants, hand disinfectants, washer fluids, cooler fluids, cooler concentrates, demineralized water.

We are a leader in the production of operating, industrial and automotive chemicals, as well as other products in the area of chemical preparations. One of the main pillars of Doris’ manufacturing business is pure demineralized water, which is the basis for our safe and effective fluids.

Doris production and commercial plant is a family company that has been operating on the market for over 25 years. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of high quality, proven and competitive products and full trust in business relations.

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Compressor oils

Oils for lubricating chain saws

Demineralized water

Fuel for biofireplaces

As an experienced manufacturer of operating fluids and chemicals, we know how important it is to maintain restrictive standards, necessary approvals and demanding European standards and a transparent company policy.

Our operating fluids, including washer fluids and disinfectants, have been tested by the National Institute of Hygiene, ACC Chemicals cosmetic laboratories and the Air Force Institute of Technology, thanks to which they are products that fully meet the norms and standards. The research results confirm that the innovative Doris fluids, including those based on alcohols, are completely safe for health. Doris is also a responsible manufacturer of disinfectants – dermatological tests of our disinfectants have confirmed the absence of allergic reactions and irritation.

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Our consultants will answer all your questions. We will help you choose the right fluids, chemicals, tires or automotive accessories tailored to your individual needs. We guarantee attractive prices and only partnership relations.

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At Doris, we care about the satisfaction of every customer – both in retail and wholesale. We provide fast courier services for smaller orders. For larger orders and wholesale cooperation, we organize transport of engine oil, coolant, disinfectant and more.

Doris products are chosen by the largest airlines on the Polish market, chains of supermarkets and clothing stores, automotive concerns and banks.