Doris – a trusted producer of disinfectants, household and industrial chemicals

Doris is a family-run production and trade plant that has been operating on the Polish market for over 25 years. Our company’s policy is based on transparent cooperation, guarantee of high quality products and competitive prices. We are a leading producer of household, industrial and automotive chemicals, and we extend our offer with other products in the field of chemicals and accessories.

One of the important pillars of our activity is the production of demineralized water and the packaging of car oils. Doris also offers retail and wholesale sales of car parts, tires, oils, batteries, household chemicals and cosmetics. As a professional manufacturer of household chemicals, our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients from the cooperation.

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Doris’s policy – a strategy of maintaining fair business relations and offering high-quality products

Production at Doris is based on the selection of raw materials with excellent parameters. Our priority is transparent actions taken for the sake of security and the customer portfolio. Many years of experience, high quality at minimized costs – this is what makes household chemicals from Doris available at such competitive prices.

Doris preparations and liquids are products that are completely safe for the user and have been tested by leading institutions caring for consumer health, such as ACC Chemicals cosmetic laboratories. Our disinfectant liquid does not sensitize or irritate the skin, which has been confirmed by dermatological tests, and the high quality of operating fluids has been verified by the National Institute of Hygiene and the Air Force Institute of Technology. Our priority is to care for the health of all customers, to whom we provide household chemicals of excellent quality.

Excellent quality of our products, professional cooperation and competitive prices – that’s why hundreds of satisfied customers have trusted us!

Honest and reliable cooperation,
constant support and transparent offer!

At Doris, excellent service to each client is a priority. Our consultants will answer all your questions and help you choose the right products tailored to your individual needs.

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Doris products are chosen by the largest airlines on the Polish market, chains of supermarkets and clothing stores, automotive concerns and banks.

At Doris, we know how much can be changed by offering selfless help. That is why we provide our products free of charge to the most needy institutions, including hospitals, associations working for disabled children, orphanages, hospices and schools. The choice of our products is not only a consumer decision – we allocate some of the profits from the sale of Doris household chemicals to support those in need.