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High-quality radiator fluid is a guarantee of maintaining the correct engine temperature. Drivers are still concerned about the fluid freezing in winter, but hardly anyone remembers the fluid’s resistance to high temperatures too low. As a professional manufacturer of radiator fluid, we meet the needs of drivers by offering an efficient and innovative preparation.

– Blue coolant DORIS -35°C G11
– Red coolant DORIS -35°C G12
– Blue radiator fluid concentrate DORIS -80°C G11
– Red radiator fluid concentrate DORIS -80°C G12

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How does Doris car radiator fluid work?

  • Perfectly removes excess heat from the head and engine block
  • It guarantees even heat transfer between the engine and the radiator
  • It enables the removal of heat generated during fuel combustion
  • Effectively helps to protect the engine against freezing and boiling
  • Effectively protects against corrosion of the cooling system components of the engine block and its components
  • Effectively prevents the deposition of sediment in the cooling system

Our universal radiator fluid is characterized by high resistance to high temperatures, thanks to which it protects the cooling system against leakage and protects the engine against overheating. Our radiator fluid does not lose its properties under the influence of extreme temperatures, and also prevents the harmful effects of cavitation. The choice of coolant from Doris allows for effective prevention of damage to the cooling system and engine mechanisms.

Radiator fluid from Doris
– safe engine and cooling system

Based on 25 years of experience in the production of refrigerants, we have managed to develop a recipe suitable for the most stringent operating conditions. Our radiator fluids contain inhibitors, substances that protect the cooling system against corrosion. Their advantage is resistance to extreme temperatures, which is why Doris fluids are perfect as cooling fluids for summer and winter.

If you are wondering which radiator fluid to choose – call or write to us. Cooperation with Doris is a guarantee of satisfaction with high-quality coolant – without paying for the label!

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