Manufacturer of summer windscreen washer fluids – DORIS

High quality, laboratory certificates and full safety – this is what characterizes our windshield washer fluid. Our summer DORIS windshield washer fluid has the PZH certificate, which confirms that the fluid is completely safe for health.

DORIS windshield washer fluid is a guarantee of comfortable car travel, without dirty windows and annoying streaks. As a trusted domestic manufacturer of windshield washer fluids, we care about the comfort of our customers all year round, offering summer and winter variants of the preparation.

The composition of Doris was created to ensure effective cleaning of windows to increase road safety. The fluid is based on our demineralized water produced directly in the plant, thanks to which the pH of the fluid is neutral – it protects against corrosion. Recyclable, hard and solidly made, certified packaging.

Demineralized water – free of scale and salt. Demineralized water ensures patency of the sprinklers and a neutral pH of the fluid. Thanks to the neutral pH of the fluid, it does not cause rusting of the bodywork.

Surface active agents – removing dirt and insects. Fragrance composition – gives a pleasant fruity scent.

Preservatives – protecting the liquid from becoming cloudy and extending the shelf life.

Ethylene glycol – provides better glide for wipers, thus extending their service life. Ethylene glycol also leaves an invisible film on the glass, which prevents dirt and insects from sticking and is easier to remove.

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