The manufacturer’s offer Doris Polska – wholesale and retail

As an experienced manufacturer of operating fluids, disinfectants, chemicals and others, we know how important it is to maintain restrictive standards, necessary permits and demanding European standards as well as the company’s transparent policy. Products in the warehouse and retail store Doris Polska include a range of high-quality disinfectants, preparations and operating fluids in the field of operating chemicals and more.

Operating fluids from Doris Polska are effective and efficient products that have all the approvals necessary to introduce the products to the market. Our washer fluids, disinfectants have been tested by entities such as the National Institute of Hygiene, the ACC Chemicals cosmetic laboratory and the Air Force Institute of Technology. Certificates issued by these institutions confirm that Doris Polska products meet even the strictest hygiene and health standards.

Health, safety, professionalism – modern household and industrial chemicals from Doris Polska