Ecological biofuel for biofireplaces Płomyk

Płomyk is a natural product, obtained by fermentation of plants and their derivatives, which means that Płomyk is a 100% renewable fuel (so-called green energy). It is produced 100% in Poland from Polish raw materials. It is not a synthetic product.

Benefits of using Płomyk:

  • Does not emit unpleasant odors and does not leave unburnt residues of chemical substances.
  • Thanks to the high alcohol content >95%, the combustion process is extended, thanks to which the heat emission increases without the need to add biofuel.
  • Does not emit poisonous gases, which allows the use of biofuel in closed rooms without the need to discharge exhaust fumes.
  • Thanks to the possibility of using biofuel indoors, we use 100% of the emitted heat, which does not escape through chimneys.
  • Very fast firing process.
  • No ash or smoke.
  • Clean hearth and walls.
  • No chimney inspection needed.
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