Polish manufacturer of windscreen cleaning fluid – DORIS

High quality, laboratory approvals and complete safety – this is what characterizes the washer fluid from Doris. Our product is a guarantee of comfortable car travel, without dirty windows and bothersome streaks. As a trusted domestic manufacturer of windscreen washer fluids, we care about the comfort of our customers throughout the year, offering summer and winter variants of the preparation.

Doris washer fluid, according to the results of tests in laboratories, is completely safe for health. The composition of the Doris washer fluid was created in order to effectively clean the windows with minimal consumption of the preparation. It is enough to spray the windshield a few times to ensure full visibility while traveling.

Our offer includes both winter windshield washer fluid and summer windshield washer fluid. Each of them is composed of raw materials that are safe for the health of drivers and passengers.

Summer windscreen
washer fluids


Winter windscreen
washer fluids


What is included in our
washer fluids?

Demineralized water
Our deionized water is free of limescale and salt, it guarantees cleanliness and patency of the windscreen washer system.

Basic ingredients that remove the toughest dirt.

Ethylene and propylene glycol and glycerin
They ensure better sliding of the wipers, thanks to which the blades stay longer life. Glycol evaporates more slowly than alcohol, which prevents the windshield washer fluid from freezing in the event of frost.

Scent composition
It perfectly dissolves in the liquid, giving it a pleasant and beautiful fragrance.

It protects the agent against clouding and precipitation.

Production of windscreen washer fluid

The process of producing Doris washer fluid is a compilation of transparent activities aimed at the health of our customers. All our washer fluids have the necessary approvals issued by the National Institute of Hygiene. Both the summer windscreen washer fluid and the winter windshield washer fluid meet the mandatory hygiene requirements. At Doris, each client is guaranteed competitive prices and clear terms of cooperation! Call us or write to us.

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